Bankia launches a particular loan

Bankia launches a particular loan for the purchase of ecological cars
And their conditions are perfect: they apply a fixed interest rate of 4.75%, they do not have the first commission, and the repayment term is up to 8 years.

In recent years the financing of vehicles has been gaining importance in the portfolio of consumer loans. If we add this evolution with the change of direction of the automobile market, which is slowly turning towards more ecological models, that banks offered more competitive products and adapted to the purchase of “green” cars is something expected.

Bankia has just reinforced its commitment to financing green vehicles by reducing the financing interest on its “Sustainable Consumption Loan,” which has gone from 6% to the current 4.75%. It allows financing the purchase of hybrid vehicles, electric and powered by alternative fuels (LPG, biodiesel, natural gas, and hydrogen).

The Bankia loan does not apply opening commission, has a repayment plan of up to 8 years and can be requested up to 60,000 euros. It can be requested by both individuals and the self-employed and also allows, under the same conditions, to finance other types of goods that favor energy efficiency, the fight against climate change and sustainable growth.

Also, Bankia has presented a new specific credit to acquire any vehicle, the “Car Loan.” This product applies a fixed interest of 5.95% with the first commission of 1.50%.

It can be used both for the purchase of new and used cars and motorcycles. In the first case, the repayment term is eight years, while in the second case it is five years. In both cases, the maximum amount to finance can reach 60,000 euros.